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Season 1 : 

Focus on the Gumboro Disease

In the first season, our content will focus on Gumboro Disease, an acute and highly contagious viral infection of poultry. It has an important economic impact on the poultry industry worldwide due to the direct damage and mortality and the increased susceptibility to other diseases of infected birds.
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Gumboro Disease
Ceva Poultry Sounds

Episode 1

Impact & Strategies

This 1st episode is launched in collaboration with Poultry World and delivers the basics about the disease impact, and its control strategies.
Gumboro Disease
Ceva Poultry Sounds

Episode 2

Gumboro worldwide epidemiology

In this IBD Podcast episode, hosted by Marco-Aurélio Lopes, Ceva’s Global Poultry Marketing Manager, we will have Guillermo Gonzalez, Ceva's Veterinary Services Manager to explain Gumboro disease's worldwide epidemiology, and the different strains circulating. 
Gumboro Disease
Ceva Poultry Sounds

Episode 3

New Gumboro Disease findings, from the laboratory to the field

Tune in to follow our discussions with Prof. Mattia Cecchinato and Dr. Matteo Legnardi, from PADOVA University - ITALY, who are developing several studies about the Gumboro virus, including the detection and sequencing of variants. 
Gumboro Disease
Ceva Poultry Sounds

Episode 4

How Gumboro vaccines work?

Join us for a new episode, this time with Christophe Cazaban, Ceva's Poultry Scientific Director, to discuss Gumboro Disease control, and learn more about how the different Gumboro vaccines work.
Gumboro Disease
Ceva Poultry Sounds

Episode 5

Effects in the field of Gumboro control

Our scientific expert, Christophe Cazaban is back to provide some additional explanations about the effects of Gumboro disease in the field. 

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